Exit pain

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Step-by-step program of recovery from chronic pain with an illustration of practical results. It will be helpful if you are concerned about chronic pain, if pain is present in your relationships with loved ones, if you are experiencing pain from loneliness, the lack of fulfilment and loss of meaning of life, if you experience fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, depression. The course fee is 1900 rubles (permanently). The total course duration is 6 hours 4 minutes. The author of the course Dr. Dmitry Shamenkov

Exit pain

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    In the modern world one can hardly find a person who has not encountered it in some way. Almost, pain accompanies us from the first days of life. She's always there she's always with us.


    It can come at a very early age, as is the case with Ivan, or accumulate and manifest in adulthood as Gulnaz.


    The pain is different. It can be physical or mental.


    It can be acute or chronic, when visiting a person's intermittent, it may be permanent and over the years to become stronger and stronger, reflecting the lesion of an organ.


    It very much in a relationship, especially with very close people. Her companions are loneliness, detachment from life, loss of meaning, lack of implementation, lack of direction in life. No matter how and in what form you have it manifested.


    Often the pain is accompanied by a crisis in the relationship or breakup, financial problems and growing debts, lack of implementation and lack of understanding of the meaning of life.



    How the course works

    • Pain is an informative signal that we need to survive, showing the violation of our wholeness - physical, mental, or social level (relations).
    • Pain suppression on one level may lead to its dissemination in different level. For example, a pain suppression on a social level leads to its manifestation on the physical level.
    • If we do not eliminate the cause of the pain, ignored, or suppressed its manifestation, it leads to its chronicity. Thus is formed a pathological cycle.
    • To exit this pathological cycle (vicious circle) it is necessary to tackle the root causes of pain, restoration of the integrity of the organism at all levels, what can be done through the practice of conscious health management.


    The facilitators of the training


    Dmitry Shamenkov - doctor, specialist in family medicine and conscious health management, Creator of the School of Susa


    Married, father of four, lives on Koh Phangan in Thailand. Over 20 years experience in researching the possibility of health management. Participated in the development of medical nanotechnologies, cellular technologies, has led innovative research in TSKB Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation and the First Moscow state medical University them. I. M. Sechenov.


    a member of the Advisory Board and the mentor of the SKOLKOVO Foundation

    - member of Expert Council of Fund of assistance to innovation (Bortnik Fund)

    - member of the American Psychological Association (APA - American Psychological Association)

    is the author of 27 scientific publications and 18 patents in the field of nanotechnology cell biotechnology, regenerative medicine and the physiology of functional systems

    lecturer TEDx conference

    - founder and head of the School "System health management"

    - Creator of a social network SUZ.community

    co - founder of the center SUZretreat in Thailand


    Gulnaz Suinbaeva

    • Feel absolutely healthy
    • I left long-term back pain
    • Healthy relationships with loved ones has led to changes in their lives
    • He had a full trust in the world


    Ivan Formanek

    • Stable positive dynamics for severe blood diseases, long-term remission of severe diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
    • Went from chronic psychological depression associated with oppressive diagnoses and search for the meaning of life, to a happy and healthy implementation
    • Improved relationships with family


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