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Buying a subscription involves learning in School in a month and formulate problems in various areas of health (physical, psychological, social and other spheres) with the head of School - Dr. Vladimir Semenkova. Participation fee: the first month - 15 000 rubles. Subsequent months to 9 000. Christmas discount 50% for participants in the new webinar, until 31 December valid value 7,500 rubles. on the first month of training (will send the promo code after the webinar to all participants).

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  • School of open dialogue


    Family relationships, in business, with yourself, with the world at large is the key to physical and psychological health, success and fulfillment.

    Open dialogue – a science-based way to build healthy relationships in all areas of life.

    "School of open dialogue" is a special space that is organized under the laws of living systems. Participation in it allows for a short period about 1 month, to explore the basic principles of healthy communication and to develop the skill of "Open dialogue" at the primary level.

    The founders of the School of open dialogue – Dmitri and Yuliya Shamenkova.

    The cost of the monthly training (30 days)20 000 rubles.

    The program is a month of learning in School include:

    • 8 online groups open dialogue (YEAR) with the students by the instructors of the School of open dialogue. Groups open dialogue is the primary transforming process of the School. Efficient and environmentally friendly. This is what should reconsider their plans and to release for 2 hours 2 times a week – to obtain the desired result. Anything special to participate in the group do not need to enroll, connect online and be true to yourself, following the Rules of the School.
    • online-participate in 4 webinars Dmitry and Yulia Semenkovich with answers to the questions in the format of case studies. Any member of the School can voice their problem or ask a question to Dmitry and Yulia on a common online meeting and receive the answer through the prism of the scientific Foundation of the health management System and the personal experience of the founders of the School. Webinars are held on Sundays at 11:00 GMT (time can be adjusted). Any webinar, you can watch the videos.
    • the opportunity to ask Dmitry a question text in the comments to the post “Answers to questions” and to answer with his vision for the exciting challenge.

    Groups are held on a daily basis, you can participate in any of the 2 groups during the week.
    Sample schedule YEAR* (Moscow time): Mon 12:00, W 9:00, Wed 20:00, Thu 12:00 Fri 9:00 Sat 20:00.
    * If you want to study at the School of open dialogue, but the time of the event groups is not suitable, please contact us, we will try to complete the schedule.
    • Access recordings of all past webinars in the course in the format of case studies and answers to questions.
    • Recording of educational materials School open dialogue.
    • A closed community of students and instructors of the School.


    Friends, we are constantly developing and improving learning formats, therefore we reserve the right to change the syllabus, with preservation of its quality for the ultimate purpose of schooling.


    ==> To pay for access for one month to study at the School of Open dialogue

    *To connect to the course at any time, access is open for 30 days from the date of payment.


    To connect, you can also use the button "make a payment" on this post.

    If you belong to social categories of poor people or large families - you can apply for preferential learning in School – for this, please email us at shkolasuz@gmail.com


    If you paid the School fees of open dialogue and you open the post when clicking on the second lesson – "the Schedule and order of learning" (see list of lessons in the upper left corner), as well as for any questions related to payment or access to a group rate – please contact us here shkolasuz@gmail.com or in the comments to this post.

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