8 AP

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Library of advanced materials for Informed health management. Detailed topics of the lessons in the course description.

15,000 rubles.

17 lessons Available in perpetuity. The materials will be gradually supplemented.

8 AP

  • Library of advanced materials for Informed health management

    Thematic webinars library Schools CPS discount for 15 000 rubles.
    The time to act. The fulcrum family. The purpose in the present. Imperfection.
    Joint goals map. The stereotypes of the action. Focus day.
    Network passive brain
    The difference between action and preparation for action. The minimum result. The value of the stereotypes.
    Homework. Reflection of the day and lessons. Diary practices. An open dialogue. Specific step.
    The breath of life.
    Healthy movement
    Morning ritual = Morning basic practice of Conscious health management
    The practice of mindfulness. Varieties.
    What is pain? How to work with the pain?
    Active longevity
    A man and a woman. Relationship. Family. Sex.
    Self-realization. Entrepreneurship. Creativity.
    Healthy eating
    Dynamic stereotype
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