Healthy eating

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How to eat right? You will learn from the webinar on how it works neuroprogrammer that determines our eating behavior, controls what substances the body extracts from the food we eat, determines what foods we want to eat. You will learn about the distortions in this program, which lead us to unhealthy eating behavior, learn about how to eliminate the most healthy, physical way, without abuse, and unhealthy diets. The cost of the webinar and additional materials 900 rubles. The playing time of 3 hours 16 minutes of additional material - 2 hours 51 minutes.

Healthy eating

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    We constantly exchange with the world of information, matter and energy. To maintain a constant structure of the body we need very little of substance that we get by taking food. Along with the food we get energy and information. If we do not get enough excitement and energy through interactions with family members, we strive to replace their deficit through other available means - including using a meal. Violation of the relationship - the main cause of emotional stress and eating disorders leading to excessive weight or excessive weight loss. Any attempt to restore healthy eating behavior through external restrictions only increase stress and, according to scientific research, in the future 3-8 years lead to the destruction of health, so the approach that we use for setting healthy nutrition, little to do with power limitations.


    To be fair, we will give you 5 simple recommendations limitations that you will encounter in any program of health improvement:


    1. As a source of carbohydrates eat, soderjamoe whole grains, fiber. Abstain from starchy and sugary foods.


    2. Avoid eating TRANS fats and saturated fats.


    3. As a source of protein, use low-fat food.


    4. Eat more fruits and vegetables.


    5. Try to avoid eating snacks, sodas, energy drinks, synthetic foods and supplements.


    Apply these recommendations, based on moderation and common sense, but all the same remember that the goal of Chusovskoy healthy eating program is identification of factors underlying eating disorders, setting a feedback between the two relationships, emotional state and food intake, freedom from anxiety and tension, which creates in our minds the many marketing programs to decrease or increase weight, creating a distorted picture of the causes of eating disorders, and distorted image of the perfect body.


    According to scientific studies, the search for universal for all people of the food basket, sequence of eating, the nature of its preparation, a deliberate doomed to failure, because, despite the fact that 99.9% of genetic code is the same for all people, the remaining 0.1% is enough to program the significant differences in the pattern of eating behavior each of us.


    For example, scientists know that people with two copies of the FTO gene (16% among all of us) is 40% more likely to have diabetes and 60% more likely to suffer from obesity due to metabolism. It is known that some humans may be two times more fat cells than others. It is proved that the behavior of the mother during pregnancy directly programs the control of appetite and metabolic systems of the developing child's brain. In particular, the presence of excess weight among pregnant women, the consumption of sweets, flour or fat able to two times to increase the risk of obesity in her child.


    Our eating behavior and preferences are programmed by the environment in which we grow, and also depend heavily on the environment and circumstances in which we find ourselves.


    Ignoring these factors and the use of "universal" the perfect food or form of food for all without discrimination is contrary to the laws of physiology and costly for the person.


    For example, according to a study by the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), which conducted analysis of the effectiveness of the diet, said, "In the amount of the potential impact of diet on weight in the long term is minimal evidence of the potential benefits of diet in health is unclear and inconsistent, and the potential harm to the cyclical fluctuations of weight, although it was not definitively proven, is causing strong concern. The benefits of dieting are simply too insignificant and the potential harms of dieting too large to recommend it as a safe and effective treatment of obesity."


    The only case when the diet is really necessary that medical testimony or the recovery period after severe diseases. And even in this case, a diet chosen strictly individually doctor, expert in nutrition, on the basis of clinical and laboratory research.


    Our bodies can help us when setting up a healthy eating behavior! Imagine that you have a newfangled technical device equipped with special sensors that receive information from every cell of your body about their needs, analyzing your physical and mental activity for 24 hours a day, taking into account seasonal, monthly, diurnal variations of environmental conditions ahead. This device not only in real time calculates as accurately as possible all the needs of the body in accordance with the conditions in which it is located, in accordance with the lifestyle that you lead, but also through the video input receives information about the environment you are in and, given all the sources of food and water that surround you, their availability, quality, cost, ease of preparation, gives you the optimal product sheet with recipes from the most appropriate, beneficial to your health in the moment food! You just have to follow the recipe exactly — to buy, cook and consume exactly the amount of food and water, which prescribed you a personal supercomputer. This computer, everything else connected to the cloud service, which contains all information for the billions of years of evolution of living nature, the experience of previous generations of people — it also allows you a special probe is included with the device to perform any new food to its chemical composition and the detailed description, immediately add it to the database to calculate the optimal menu next time.


    Such a device is in EACH of us! This is a functional power system.


    If strongly to simplify physiological scientific language, we are talking about special neuroprogrammer, a part of the composition of our body since birth, "default"... This neuroprogram controls our feeding behavior. It is part of a larger functional system of energy supply, which also includes other important physiological processes such as breathing, physical activity, mental activity, sleep, protection from stress.


    Most of us is an internal "device" broke from childhood, sometimes even from his mother's womb under the influence of social imprints. "Patched" imposed by parents, society, advertising, medical errors, false ideas about a healthy food system food stereotypes makes a functional system of power supply work in unhealthy mode, inconsistent with other systems of the body and life goals.


    In my opinion, the best way to healthy nutrition is the study of the "guidelines for use" of this program and restoration of its natural settings to "default". This is what "leadership" taught "Healthy eating".

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