Fear and death

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Webinars the health management System is a Living system that opens the gate in the depths of the universe, there is a real need. We share with you the recordings of the live studies of fear and death as the last barriers and, simultaneously, the gate in the Practice of life. For someone who feels the purpose, this information is sufficient.
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Fear and death

  • Fear and death. The Companions Of Life.


    "Fear — the first enemy is inevitable, one must defeat on the way to knowledge." The Teachings Of Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda)

    When I started preparing for the upcoming Lesson School management System health, came to me in FEAR.

    Accommodation of the meanings of the upcoming School lessons in my life was a good, good tradition, which allows me to teach School from the Present about the Present, not the bygone past. Fear helped me remember our old meetings in detail and to prepare well for this lesson.

    In my subjective view, fear manifests itself as energy beings with a low frequency of oscillation, which is accompanied by the touch of the cold and the appearance of the cloud of doubt.

    As a rule, his appearance in my life follows the manifestation of my self-righteous, cocky, narcissistic view of himself. Particularly powerful manifestations of fear accompany those cases, when I use the Knowledge for evidence of self-righteousness.

    Fear has become for me a kind of ally — needed feedback, indicating powerful internal misalignment, on the entry of my consciousness into the region of the illusion of obligation and false self-confidence.

    From a physiological point of view, the source of fear is a violation of the integrity of the information systems component of which we are. The more disturbed horizontal and vertical links between functional systems, which is the very essence of our nature, the more our body strives to restore and maintain these relationships, to restore the integrity. This desire is always accompanied by a burst of energy, anxiety and action.

    The more pronounced the misalignment of the totality of functional systems, which we are, the more pronounced reaction of anxiety, which purpose is to divert our attention from the imagined picture of reality and focus it on the present.

    However, the fear that we are going to talk in the classroom, is a circumstance which does not help us, but rather prevents to live a full life.


    This fear of life is the consequence of a fundamental distortion of our consciousness — the idea that we are independent from the outside world as independent beings with free will.

    In our minds there is a picture of an imaginary reality, which, in our opinion, "MUST" match the whole world, including the people that inhabit it and ourselves. The illusion of free will gives rise to attachment to experiencing the circumstances and the illusion of control over life.

    The accumulation of life experience the illusion of control is adjusted due to episodes of significant discrepancies between expected and actual. All kinds of rationalizations and explanations that we willingly feed your own mind to maintain the illusion of control and self-righteousness, sooner or later turn out to be ineffective when we face the most profound change our own lives or the lives of people close to us — the illness or death.

    When death creates a deep imprint in human consciousness, usually leading to his Fear of all fears — the fear of death, which usually person seeks to get rid of the religion (it is either faith in life after life, or faith in science and medicine as a way to control and prolonging life). After this experience forever many of us instinctively start to run away from new situations, change, strive for stability and comfort, trying to control his life, protecting her from death. Interestingly, while people do not pay attention to the fact that 100% stability means no change, 100% comfort is the absence of experiences, in fact — the condition of the corpse. Running away from death, people die in life. An alternative strategy to escape from death is the desire for a very active action to proof to himself of his liveliness. Such a strategy does not reduce fear, and is just another attempt to avoid death and actually draws it.

    The subconscious desire to protect the compliance of the imaginary world and reality, which we are part, underlies the formation of fear. A source of pathological fear is a false identification with an imaginary reality based on previous experience and on the idea of himself as an isolated, independent being, "deserving of their activity to "their" place under the sun that we fear losing.


    In other words, the fear that prevents us from living is fear of losing control, fear of exposure, of disidentification with the "clothes" that have put our ego is the fear of a mismatch of the desired and the actual, making the unreal imaginary reality.

    In fact, the fear that prevents us from living is the fear of fear itself. In an imaginary reality, which are identified with our ego, there is no place for fear in itself, and it naturally arises and captures the imagination, forcing the ego to escape from the truth, all truths and untruths creating obstacles and overcome them with the sole purpose of proof of his strong-willed independent existence.

    Our mind is affected with the virus of selfishness, ego creates a whole chain of strong-willed importance and significance of the heroic struggle of life for survival, one designed to validate the existence of the ego. Paradoxically running away from fear strengthens it to such an extent that sometimes require special substance to this fear is to extinguish it. My long-term experience has shown that superstition, panic attacks affected not only the "simple" people looking for "spiritual" way of escape from the fear of death, but the gross materialists of the intelligence agencies, crime bosses, politicians and businessmen, at first glance, fearless men...

    Fear not there is protection. Fear is a natural element of life, necessary for the return of its integrity, to preserve its informational meaning. The attempt to protect themselves from the fear of exacerbating the misalignment of information processes. Denial is an integral part of life inevitably leads to increased fear.

    The knowledge of fear, acceptance, the ability to accept honesty through fear, face fear face to face, "bare" — just a necessary step on the road to health. Recognizing the fact that we are not in control of my life, and the upstream system, we condemn ourselves to the road to uncertainty that we will never be able to experience the illusion of control of life.

    Among those wishing to practice the System of health management, I often observe a significant misconception — people come to the System with the aim to strengthen its grip on reality. However, the path in the System begins with the recognition of the impossibility of this control. Often, acknowledging in words the powerlessness, novice practices, however, continue to experience disappointment in the face of feedback from the distortions of the previous experience, just forget about honesty in relation to the decision.

    The gradual realization in the life of a hierarchy of functional systems leads to a total acceptance, a deep honesty, sincerity and ability to recognize the fear as a normal, healing part of life. Every day, every step of the Way, which shows the System health management, allows us all to have more trust in the parent system, life in General, and see as pathological, based on the narcissism of the ego, the fear gradually recedes, giving way to an ancient ally who is always ready to manifest itself as soon as you lose once again the link with the senior systems fell under the influence of the spirit of lies and doubt.

    And if it happened at this stage of life fear, doubt and powerlessness lead to a deterioration in emotional tone and General health, you can feel the atmosphere of online lessons Schools CPS is dedicated to fear and death.

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