Relationship. A man and a woman. Family. Sex.

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The relationship between a man and a woman - the very essence, the root cause of our world. The ability to form a really healthy relationship with each other is the core of the health, not only physical but also mental, emotional, social and economic. In relations between a man and a woman reveals the relationship between the individual I and the common Integrity, the relationship between Man and Nature, between Earth and Space.
The author of the course Dmitry and Julia Shamenkova.
The cost of the webinar and additional materials: 6900 roubles
8 lessons, 3 case
29 hours 44 minutes. Available permanently.

Relationship. A man and a woman. Family. Sex.

  • Description

    Block materials School CPS on building a harmonious family, friendship, and partnership, of which:
    • You will learn the physiological laws on which to build relationships, and understand the reasons for their disagreements

    • Get the key, using which you can recover and improve all relationships

    • Build their healthy social network, and will make an important step on the path to health and success in family, business, self-actualization

    • Learn the fundamental physiological laws that must be followed for anyone who wants to build a true deep relationship, full of love, intimacy and warmth to anyone who wants to start a family and give health to their children

    • Understand how global processes are reflected in our relationships and how our relationships reflected in the global processes

    • Learn inexhaustible energy source in everyday life that fill your life with bright and vivid emotions, new discoveries, will allow to jointly implement dreams that are impossible alone

    • Hear stories about how we were kids, how our children live, the difficulties we encounter on the Way, about the joys and discoveries

    • Plunge into a sincere exchange of the experiences of people practicing a System of Health Management

    • Will become a member of a living system, designed to help us to see the distortion of consciousness, to find and keep happiness in the Present Moment
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