How to get rid of your laziness and apathy?

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Step-by-step recovery programme, vitality, clear vision of their goals and life purpose needed for a healthy and happy life. Author webinar - Dr. Dmitry Shamenkov.
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How to get rid of your laziness and apathy?

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    A clear vision of life goalsis an indescribable state of consciousness, a finding which is usually accompanied by release of vast amounts of mental energy and powerful positive emotions. The clarity and vitality of a man who knew the laws of life do not stop.
    What are the consequences of violation clear?
    Any violation of clarity, accompanied by leakage of energy, testifies to the distortion of the information space faced by the people. Meeting with such distortion is possible only in the case that the imprint of such distortion in the recorded dynamic stereotypes of individual consciousness.

    Many of us constantly live in a state of weakness, fatigue, low performance, constantly shift the all-important "for later", do things poorly, not in full, late, constantly distracted, feel frustrated, growing uncertainty and anxiety — all this indicates the presence of distortions, which are recorded in the dynamic beliefs that shape our thinking and emotional perception of reality.

    Every person is woven deeply into our physical reality.
    Violation of awareness of reality, accompanied by a false idea of autonomy in decisions and actions, lies at the basis of the multiple distortions of consciousness, leading to loss of continuous contact of a person with physical reality and the violation of a clear vision of the purpose of the activity, purpose of life globally.

    Direct awareness of the present moment is gradually replaced by a surrogate matrix containing the imaginary picture of reality created in the social development process of each of us. Individual consciousness appropriates the merits of results of the actions in which we participate, due to which there is a growing desire to control reality, and action aimed at achieving.Each match of the desired and valid picture of reality reinforces the stereotype of the "leader", while simultaneously raising the bar actions, the taking of which is necessary for obtaining of pleasure from regular achievements.

    The stereotype of the "figure" gradually builds muscles and takes the opportunity to get pleasure from supine relaxation. A person infected with a false idea, it is physically impossible for a relatively long time (over 30 minutes) to be in a safe environment with your eyes closed, in peace, without action. A result of a breach of contact with reality, becomes dependent on the achievement of the gradual decrease in satisfaction from the usual of life, an escape from reality, including procrastination and the development of apathy, progressive loss of energy, vitality and health.
    What you will learn on the webinar?
    We create information space, which will help to identify distortions that prevent direct contact with reality.
    The result of practices that the webinar participants will perform in class and in homework,will be the return of the vitality necessary for a healthy and happy life, and clear vision of their goals and life purpose.
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