Basic course in health management System

Basic course in health management System

Awareness communication

February 10, Saturday, 19:00 GMT. Open webinar School "CPS". The invited guests, Boris and Alina Ryabova. Boris is co-founder of Sound Mind, investor and consultant. Alina is the co-founder of Sound Mind, independent event producer, and founder of Transformative Spaces

Exit pain

Step-by-step program of recovery from chronic pain with an illustration of practical results. It will be helpful if you are concerned about chronic pain, if pain is present in your relationships with loved ones, if you are experiencing pain from loneliness, the lack of fulfilment and loss of meaning of life, if you experience fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, depression. The course fee is 1900 rubles (permanently). The total course duration is 6 hours 4 minutes. The author of the course Dr. Dmitry Shamenkov

Neurophysiology DAO

Free recording of the joint webinar Bronislaw Vinogrodsky and Dmitry Shamenkova. Bronislaw - sinologist, translator, writer, has translated more than forty ancient Chinese texts such as the Book of Changes, "Duodecim", "Chuang-Tzu", Confucius "the Analects", "the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal" as well as texts on prognostication, calendar, Feng Shui, martial arts, art management, Daoist techniques of healing. Public figure. Head of the Russian part of the Expert Council of the Russian-Chinese Committee of friendship, peace and development. Advisor to the heads of several major Russian corporations in China and strategic management. Poet, musician and performer. Does Chinese calligraphy.

The art of movement

Collaborative recording of the webinar Alexander Girshon and Dmitry Shamenkova.
Alexander - candidate of psychological Sciences, dance / movement therapist, teacher of improvisation, a performer, choreographer, presenter and author of trainings and workshops on integrative dance / movement therapy and integrated dance.
Cost - free.
1 lesson is 1 hour and 51 minutes. Available permanently.

The integral approach

A recording of the webinar "Integrated approach", which took place on 18 January 2018. Guest - Eugene Pustoshkin, a clinical psychologist, a graduate of the Department of medical psychology and psychophysiology, faculty of psychology St. Petersburg state University; chief editor of the magazine "Eros and Cosmos" (; translator of books by Ken Wilber; co-host seminars on holocentrinae and lead their own trainings; co-founder of the project "Integrated space". Cost - free. 1 lesson is 1 hour and 22 minutes. Available permanently.

Neurophysiology of CONSCIOUSNESS

Practice of silence, mindfulness, meditation, Mauna, Vipassana... healing tacit silence by many names... the Practice of silence, mindfulness is a careful study and acceptance of his condition in the designated rest time. In the practice of silence we allow ourselves to rest, to recover. Practice allows you to loosen the inner emotion and be free from the tyranny of the oughts - cyclic thoughts that reflect our expectations in relation to themselves, others and the world in General.
Cost - free.
1 lesson - 2 hours 30 minutes. Available permanently.

Modern diagnostics

13 January (Saturday), 11:00 GMT. Open webinar "Modern diagnostics"
Presenters - Dmitry Shamenkov, Sergey Morozov.

Example of the content of the webinar:

  • Modern methods of examination and diagnosis of diseases
  • A comprehensive system of screening and detection of cancer at early stages
  • Possibilities of inspection in Russia and abroad
  • Artificial intelligence and new technologies in radiodiagnostics
  • The answers to your questions
Sergey Morozov
Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, radiologist-radiologist, President of the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics. NPC Director of medical radiology. Chief specialist at radiation diagnosis of Moscow.

8 AP

Library of advanced materials for Informed health management. Detailed topics of the lessons in the course description.

15,000 rubles.

17 lessons Available in perpetuity. The materials will be gradually supplemented.

The breath of life

We will examine the basis of our life – Breath. We learn to consciously swim in the river of breath – to be in harmony between needs and their satisfaction in the harmony of the world internal and external, explicit and implicit. We will create a cognitive platform that will connect the various components of our consciousness around the simple processes of everyday physiological activities, United in the practice of "Breath of life", whose purpose is to help us to maintain health – the best of life with a positive emotional tone. Audio recording, video recording of the webinar and additional materials. The cost of 500 rubles. Available permanently.

Healthy eating

How to eat right? You will learn from the webinar on how it works neuroprogrammer that determines our eating behavior, controls what substances the body extracts from the food we eat, determines what foods we want to eat. You will learn about the distortions in this program, which lead us to unhealthy eating behavior, learn about how to eliminate the most healthy, physical way, without abuse, and unhealthy diets. The cost of the webinar and additional materials 900 rubles. The playing time of 3 hours 16 minutes of additional material - 2 hours 51 minutes.

Fear and death

Webinars the health management System is a Living system that opens the gate in the depths of the universe, there is a real need. We share with you the recordings of the live studies of fear and death as the last barriers and, simultaneously, the gate in the Practice of life. For someone who feels the purpose, this information is sufficient.
The cost of the webinar and additional materials:
3000 rubles
2 lessons - 5 hours 25 minutes. Available permanently.

Relationship. A man and a woman. Family. Sex.

The relationship between a man and a woman - the very essence, the root cause of our world. The ability to form a really healthy relationship with each other is the core of the health, not only physical but also mental, emotional, social and economic. In relations between a man and a woman reveals the relationship between the individual I and the common Integrity, the relationship between Man and Nature, between Earth and Space.
The author of the course Dmitry and Julia Shamenkova.
The cost of the webinar and additional materials: 6900 roubles
8 lessons, 3 case
29 hours 44 minutes. Available permanently.

Principles of high-performance teams for business development and life

Principles of high-performance teams for business development and life

How to get rid of your laziness and apathy?

Step-by-step recovery programme, vitality, clear vision of their goals and life purpose needed for a healthy and happy life. Author webinar - Dr. Dmitry Shamenkov.
The cost of the webinar and additional materials:
3500 rubles
1 lesson - 2 hours 55 minutes. Available permanently.


The ability to realize their own goals and achieve them — an essential skill of a healthy lifestyle. The constant discrepancy between the desired and the actual, the inability consciously to do what you want is valid — the cause of chronic stress, the starting factor of the vast majority of diseases. Detailed course CPS entirely devoted to the mechanisms of the realization of the Purpose of our life and the practice of its achievement. The author of the course Dr. Dmitry Shamenkov. The cost of the webinar and additional materials: 9800 roubles
10 lessons
6 hours 4 minutes. Available permanently.

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