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  • Dear friends!

    On Sunday, December 24, at 12:00 GMT will be held new year's webinar School "CPS".

    On the webinar we will summarize the year and talk about the updated program and new features of our School in 2018.

    Hosts: Dmitry and Julia Shamenkova

    ==>> To register to participate

    See you at the webinar!

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  • Dear friends!

    We are happy to announce the opening of registration on the most important event - the presentation of the online School "System health management" First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov, which will take place on December 7 at 11:00 GMT in the Congress hall of the University.

    In the second part of the event we plan to hold practice open dialogue with all participantswho remain in the room for the practical part. In this connection we invite all the members of the portalwho is practicing CPS and has a positive result of practice, trained in the School of open dialogue, or spent a large amount of groups an open dialogue on the portal and in the training Schools CPS, to take an active part as facilitators of open dialogue at the event.

    If you feel the practice of open dialogue, and are willing to be the facilitator of the group at the event, you must:
    1) Register for live participation on the following link: http://sechenov.suz.community/
    2) write Elena Kachanova (ht...

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  • Friends! Saturday, October 21 at 11:00 GMT will host an open webinar Dmitry and Yulia Semenkovich on the topic: "How to build a harmonious relationship leading to a happy life."


    ==>> To register for the webinar



















    The Invitation Of Dmitry Shamenkova:

    "Friends, together with my precious and beloved Julia Shamenkova next Saturday we will hold a webinar in which rational and irrational points of view, share their experiences of "growing" relationships.
    The world is changing rapidly, and the weak attempts of man to control what happens just laugh. In our opinion, the only way to survive (Yes, you heard right, survival) is to completely change the focus of perception and begin to live through a system of relations.
    Knowledge, skills, money - it all perfectly. But it is only a fleeting part of the reality, which shouldn't get attached, not attached to each state of the current of the...

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  • Dear friends!

    We are pleased to announce Synchronization 11.0, which will be held from October 29 to November 19.
    This time the training is scheduled in family format, organized by Dmitry and Julia Stamenkovi. Glad to see the training of all who are already practicing management system health and knows the value of relations, as well as those who only starts to study this integral part of our lives.


    ==>> To pay for participation at a minimal cost



    We go way synchronization through a joint live bands online, let us examine the various family problems and situations through analysis of case studies participants will restore themselves through practices of silence, of the clean channel our feelings through the expression itself, and mutual support in a closed community of participants, and complete the process of transition to a new level of opiate life.


    Sync - an unusual process that by using group energy to see the root of the problem and deal with them...

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  • Dear friends!

    Next Saturday, September 23, Dmitry Shamenkov will be in Moscow and will hold a live event "Creating a healthy future now".

    ==>> To register to participate

    Our health, and everything that happens to us depends on people that surround us. Relying on scientific knowledge and traditions, we will consider all the factors that affect our health in the broadest sense.

    We will learn together to create our healthy future, the present, and to study this process at the same time with you in group interaction.

    The format of the event - Dmitry Shamenkova, answers to questions and work in small groups where everyone can feel on your experience, how does a common goal and open dialogue around it.

    This will be an unbelievable exciting experience that helps to feel the connection with yourself and with others, to form a joint image of the future present around common goals.

    Org.fee if paid in advance, via the website - 500r.
    The day of the event (subject to availabil...

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  • Friends! Now you can withsamostojatelno to change the setting stating that some communities will come to you by e-mail:

    Going into any community you will see next to the button "Exit community" tick enable alerts you will receive on e-mail.

    Thus, if you want to unsubscribe from the mailing community, need to enter into the community and remove the check mark. Conversely, if you accidentally typed in the letter on the link "Unsubscribe", you can re-subscribeby logging in to this community and tick "Get notifications".


    For all technical questions please email info@suz.academy or in the chat in the bottom right corner of the page.

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  • Friends, the website is experiencing temporary technical problems:

    - does not display the notification list when you click on the bell
    - unable to change the notification settings
    - fails to update information about yourself in your profile
    - sometimes the site gives an error and does not load the page (it may help to refresh the page - press F5)

    Our programmer is working on fixing the problems.

    We apologize for the inconvenience!

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  • Dear friends!

    The command cor (Community health improvement) is pleased to invite you to participate in online School of open dialogue, the first two-week module, which will be held Sunday, September 3, to Saturday, September 16.



    Our initiative is supported by the First Moscow state medical University. I. M. Sechenov, a national initiative of Living cities and the Association of development of culture awareness.

    A team of experienced instructors in our school will create a space for learning the skills of open dialogue, which will be attended by 63 future facilitator (instructor) and 450 members of the groups open dialogue.

    We selected future facilitators (instructors) by vote among the active members of our community who have substantial experience of the practice of Open dialogue, as well as among the most active members of the community “Living city.”

    You can become a member of our School of open dialogue, joining the first two-week module of the learni...

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  • Friends! Now there is a discussion of the School facilitation open dialogue

    Stream of the meeting in the comments please write your impressions, suggestions and ideas.


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  • Friends! Today at 10:00 GMT will be a meeting of the coordination Council of the "Community health improvement".

    Stream of the meeting in the comments please write your impressions, suggestions and ideas.


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