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26 day ago
  • I invite you to joint the practice of Silence (about 40 minutes) today at 16:00 GMT.

    The link to enter webinknow room: https://my.webinar.fm/go/dsham102/silence_practice

    See you soon!

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  • On the platform webinar.FM: https://my.webinar.fm/go/dsham102/silence_practice

    Come to be quiet for 40 minutes ;)

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  • Together 30 minutes later at 16:15 GMT.
    Felt an acute need for group practice. Will hold a webinar.FM.
    The link to enter the room: https://my.webinar.fm/go/dsham102/silence_practice

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  • Friends! Very many processes are now taking part. In advance though, and expect something, but life makes its own adjustments. And during tonight PM I said that tomorrow morning will cancel, as it'll be busy in the organization CHAUDES. And then came the General idea (thanks Nate for the support) PM to leave, but to indicate that it will be unpadded. Did so.
    Who will come tomorrow - all good practice!

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  • While in St. Petersburg and Moscow rattled the event, the CPS, we ended the first week of the second semester of the PDS.

    This, of course, something something with a side bow! If I knew that children with roditelei group can sausage? No. Expected? No!
    But I'm glad that is happening. Today wrote few long posts, but in the evening he got sick with a high fever and all my experiences about it.
    As usual, looking for the source of his sickness to himself. But, thanks to our process, to understand that I'm not a mother. How amazing working space! Like rings all around! How quickly it arrives the OS from all my actions! And you know, even if everything is energy, then I suggest you to go to training for those who have not passed the process in the role of participant. Conceals me so that this is not a children's theme.

    Thanks to the girls from the team! All week I was frantic fury, angry and aggressive, though with moments of enlightenment, but in General, fire-woman, ready to sweep a...

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  • A mixture of emotions. A cocktail of emotions. Feelings change so fast, that I begin to understand to stick to them makes no sense. The more you practice, the communication in our community, the faster the return to yourself. Now my condition is such that I feel the moment of choice - to worry and to hang out or to survive and still be sold.
    Since January, there are different processes: training, Gulnaz, with Lena, then with Vanya, then total Sync, then Synchro with Gulnaz, the first thread PDS, the week on business and re-Synchro. And immediately start CHAUDES, where the second week and today is preparation for the second stream PDS.
    Sunday we spent with the girls open webinar. The preparations were very intense, so exciting that webinar I've lost the thread - why all this? Immediately came the realization that the technical side was my goal, and experiences strong, it was not. In Synchro, and in CHAUDES, I head left into tasks, and to run came tired and has lost touch with the Purpose of why it all organized.
    In the end, the webinar is strongly inhibited whether Wi-Fi or a laptop, but I haven't seen and sometimes not heard. When I said, I have not seen the reverse reactions to their words and had to rely on the OS from my feelings. And they spoke with severity. Fear that the audience bored, the excitement, the audience becomes a little.. I am struggling trying to disconnect from that and do the process in the first place for yourself to get the result and show how it works. Instead, I hard it seemed, and was not in the process.
    Understand that even a little experience in such processes tend to rely on Dima to wait that users will get. I was afraid that if we do not reach the depths of the soul of the listeners, there's no second chance that we are in a thread no one will come.. I really like our team, love our process, believe in its growth and development, have received and continue to receive results from the PDS! But in the webinar I covered the sadness that poor communication and fear as it is perceived by others.
    The worst part was that the experiences of the girls spoke to me in the past, so that we with the son have already passed.. Then why am I here? This is the question I continued to ask myself after.
    And I want to answer it now, as is.
    PDS for me is a support in difficult moments with his son.
    The PDS is the ability to go through difficulties in relationships with parents.
    PDS is an opportunity for self-realization.
    Our process went for me beyond the purely parent-child relationship. PDS is a chance to learn how to unite with other moms and dads, for the solution of joint tasks. This is an example of teamwork is the use of the skill an open dialogue in real practice.
    I really want to come to us participants, I would like to apply for this different "teasers". But this process is not a toy, they don't need to manipulate. It is valuable in itself. And those who will come, and we, as a team, in the end pass not just training. It will be part of our overall lifestyle with further opportunities to realize the potential of each participant.
    On behalf of the whole team share the recording of the last webinar


    Pleasant viewing! And see you at School, bad parents!

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  • Friends! Welcome all in the community “Children and parents”, created with the aim of sharing experiences on child-parent theme.
    * By default, we have added to this community of all portal members. If you feel that you do not close this topic, you can at any time withdraw from the community by clicking in the lower left corner the button “Leave the community”. Those who were interested in the topic of children and parents, we invite you to share experiences in this community.
    Are pleased to announce that from 24 September to 15 October 2017. start a second stream of classes in the online School Poor Parents (PDS). To the School may join all parties who feel the need to address the problems related to communication with children, relationships with spouse and with their parents; and issues associated with the transitional stages of growing children.
    The basic idea of our School – creat...

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  • And again the lessons. Son. 6th grade. Only a week has passed, and the feeling that if nothing ever ended. My expectations about the fact that now he's older, wiser, have learned from past mistakes - and remained expectations.
    Already a year teaching him how to write dz, you say how to correctly choose what to take from textbooks, a TESY of the year again and he's all like first hears and knows nothing.
    Most of all, I get annoyed when what has been read just TWO days ago, he can't remember.
    Today screamed. He asked why I was screaming?
    Really - why?
    First, because of righteousness. I know that at this point the creepy right in that his scream.
    Second, perplexity. How can so quickly forget.
    Thirdly, and most importantly, from impotence! I'm trying to explain to him, to help, to suggest, and in response feel the wall. It is simple questions can't answer. Not thinking. Doesn't want to. Why? In the end, I do have all the answers, find information, understand it, poke your finger in...

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  • I invite everyone to be quiet tonight, at 21:30 GMT.
    Expect to practice approximately 30 minutes.
    Meet in webinare room:
    But I'm simultaneously trying to get in Facebook: www.facebook.com/silence.SUZ

    Until the evening!

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  • Today I was an evil mother, irritated. When the son was around, you felt the tension. Remembered how it was like in the period up to 9 years. That is, it's been recently. Though he rarely came, but I was busy hurry, and he needs something for a long time. I tried and its to do and to listen to him. Did not, with a psycho put down their business and switched to it.
    And then sat down to do homework... how many claims there arose in me, how many expectations. And it's time to learn large to myself to think, and why is there still I need for you to do it, and what you're doing homework??
    In General, dripping and him and myself on the brain.
    Good set PM to 21:30, which saved a bit of our communication.
    In practice, I realized that I want myself, but the patience and acceptance I was missing. Faster itself, better itself.. then it is for it is abuse that has no time, doesn't understand. And how to do it if I don't even give the possibility to do it??
    The first days of school I was abl...

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