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  • Friends! Hello everyone. Now finally we as a family got home in Susreti!!! Here perfectly! We once again realized the beauty of this place and our Chusovskoy atmosphere, the boys in our absence strove to preserve. We thanked God for what He has given us the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge in this place, to share healthy atmosphere of our retreat center with you.

    Traditionally Surerite we discussed the goals and objectives of our center. Came to the conclusion that we need a helper in a restaurant. The conversation was very emotionally intense and powerful! Just like the webinar was attended all together or conducted training )))))

    Now our healthy café operates more as a dining room for our practitioners and ourselves. Occasionally tourists come, despite the lack of advertising, and even signs with the name))))) and we feed them what we prepare for ourselves. In principle, this small menu is enough. Because the chip of our place in the atmosphere and the beaut...

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    We - the moms one big problem.... A complex of bad mother. We often fear that we will do something wrong or harm the child! But worst of all, if you see a close and condemn! We can't accept the fact that your child has an Allergy - it must not be! The child development is not, as it should be! On the pot is not required, nourishes in your pants! (our, thank God, this is fine, except for the pot, again put on a diaper) And in General, it needs to be different! It's me writing about myself in the first place!!!!! On our family watching many people and everyone has their own idea of us as a family and me as a mom! But this view is in any case at odds with reality.

    And most importantly, as soon as I try to manipulate the behavior or condition of Tribute, for example, want he ate or that he was not asleep when he wants, and when I need, it always ends in hysteria or problem! We want to control the child, manipulate them, calling it education! When I act with a Tribute that's right -...

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  • Guys, this is a question bothers me. We come Azovtsy with the children and He grows... In Russia we have tasted the beauty of playgrounds! As interesting and useful for children to climb and play there! It and physical development and socialization... On Phangan with this strained... of Course, two weeks, you can be without a swing and all sorts of ladders, ropes, and other children's razvlekushek, especially because there are sea, beach, but Dima decided to buy for cor retreat, a fun children's complex. Even in our area a lot of logs, not sure how they fit, but one could build a sandbox, for example... While the parents practice, the children will be where to have fun)))

    We looked online, the prices are different, manufacturers have also... On the photo is not to understand the quality. Can anyone encountered such a purchase? Or knows the difference in these playgrounds! Please advise so that we bought something useless)))) thank you in Advance for the feedback and ideas!!!


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  • Ребята, я предлагаю сделать следующим образом. Нужно публиковать в этой группе задачи и цели СУЗ ретрита (конкретно что там нужно делать) и под эти цели и задачи будут приезжать к нам волонтеры, чтобы понимать зачем и с какой целью они едут и в чем заключается их волонтерство. Чтобы не получалось, что людям делать нечего и чтоб они от нас не ждали ежедневных инструкций. 


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  • Друзья, всем привет! Я писала о том, что мы хотим создать уют в наших домиках в ретритном центре. И о том, что на острове проблемно купить шторы, вернее, что те шторы не стоят своих денег.... Для тех, у кого есть лишние, не нужные шторы наш почтовый адрес на острове 

    17 M.8 T.Koh Phangan A.Koh Phangan Surathani 84280

    На него уже отправлял Антон Федорец из Киева посылку дошла великолепно! По стоимости примерно 10кг вес посылки около 5000 рублей.




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